Friday, September 30, 2011

3L Publishing Strives for Excellence!

My new novel California Girl Chronicles arrived yesterday via UPS. A few comments about it. First, I love our printer, who I am not going to disclose for competitive purposes. Every single order they surprise me. What you can't see in that picture to the left is that beneath the jacket sleeve, they embossed the hard cover on front and back. It's done in gold emboss and looks really nice. The quality of the paper on all fronts is excellent. The book turned out BETTER than I anticipated. Big kudos. But that said, 3L Publishing strives for excellence on all fronts. We all work with the best of the best. Every vendor we work with we vet ahead of time to ensure what they produce on behalf of our clients will not just be satisfactory but impressive. With the edition of premiere distributor Bakers and Taylor, we are poised to move aggressively into a very successful distribution model into bookstores. Believe me when I say that it was an impressive feat for us to gain acceptance with Bakers. They don't accept all publishers. We had to essentially build the case via an impressive marketing plan and sales track record. If you are looking for a hybrid publisher like 3L, please be aware that most smaller publishers don't have Bakers. I know of several local publishers that do not offer national distribution at all or are not qualified to be accepted by Bakers for a number of reasons: most notably no sales track record that would build the case for acceptance or they lack of any concrete marketing (the marketing plan). Additionally, if you are studying this marketplace, be aware that even in the eBook arena, publishers will use a third-party vendor such as Smash Words to provide eBook services. If your publisher uses Smash Word, be advised: Smash Words in really the publisher. Here at 3L we have our own conversion service combined with ownership of our sales channels with Kindle, Nook and iBook. Apple is yet another difficult vendor to gain acceptance with, and we did so. So these two important vendor relationships say a lot about 3L Publishing and why we are one of the best boutique publishers in our area. Before you get involved in any publishing relationship, do your homework. Ask for references from satisfied authors. Ask about their distribution. Ask HOW they produce eBooks. Be very careful! A lot of unqualified providers exist out there. Don't get scammed. Ask for the publisher's credentials.

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