Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'll "Squirm" for 3L Publishing Anytime!

I'm all about intentions right now. I have a few great projects simmering on the burner, and I'm promoting and networking and connecting. Yesterday I decided I was going to aggressively pursue some angles to get my screenplay out there and find a script agent. So, I started thinking about all of the ways I could do it. Pretty soon, things started to just move forward -- a few inches at a time but none the less forward. I want you to know one thing -- all of this effort and what I'm trying makes me uncomfortable. I am not someone who feels entirely comfortable being pushy or aggressive. Now that is not to say that I'm not good at networking, but while it might appear to those who know me that I'm extroverted, it's not entirely the case. I've had to push myself to color outside of my comfort lines to become extroverted. You cannot run a successful business without comfortably going out and meeting new people all of the time. I've known many associates who have tried to start a business and failed on this point. They don't like all the networking and prefer to stay home -- and there is nothing wrong with that. But hiding in your house will not sell your business or move your project forward. I've been told over and over that to succeed you must get out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. I've been doing that. Calling people I've met via social media or asking people for help to meet a goal is definitely way out of my zone and definitely in the red zone. But my goals and dreams are worth it. So, I am doing it. The bottom line: if you're not willing to squirm a little or you hate networking and connecting, you might find it hard to be an entrepreneur.

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