Monday, September 19, 2011

The Emmy Parties ... and Sing it ... Short People Got No Reason

(L) Michelle Gamble-Risley and (R) Sonja Fisher
Sonja Fisher, my First Word Radio show co-host invited me to go to the Emmy parties to network with her. So, I sucked in air and decided to live a little and force myself to go. Now most of you who do, in fact, know me also know I'm not shy. But I do get a little "tense" when faced with crowds and a sea of unfamiliar faces. So, I soon found myself in line to walk the red carpet with Sonja (only after drinking a glass of "liquid courage") clinging to her back like a spider monkey. Sonja got a big ole kick out of her new friend "Klingon." As we were standing there she starts telling me to hype the buzz on my new book The California Girl Chronicles. I couldn't believe how a little discomfort seemed to implode in my head and turn my usually lively brain to pure mush! I'm a publicist for gosh sakes. Brain switch flipped, I started working the interviews like you wouldn't believe. Pretty soon, Sonja is cracking up. She's like, "You were just a hawk for the cameras." I laughed. I even had a gal grab me as we were leaving and tell me how she was doing a reality TV show on models and was I interested. I started LMAO. I'm not a model by any stretch of the imagination. BUT in her defense, there are so many short actors and actresses that at one point I cracked a joke that I thought I had gone to "Oompa Loompa Land." I'm normally 5' 9" and I was wearing high heels so I stood at least 6' 2" at this event -- hence the mistake that I might qualify for the model reality TV show. This whole "shortage" thing was really weird. They were all really short, super nicely shaped and nicely proportioned short people. Really it was bizarre! And I looked bizarre in the sea of short people. Well, I'll be sure to regale you with more humorous stories from the weekend all week long on the blog.

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