Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Life in Print

I had this thought ... after I tried to have some voice-on-voice action with my BFF and we kept missing each other, I noticed she read my newsletter First Word. I chuckled at the thought that now I didn't need to update her on the recent happenings. Is this what my busy scheduled has distilled into -- my friends only learning about my adventures in print? Is that what happens if you get too busy or even famous to keep in touch anymore? Your life's tales unfold in the press? I would imagine that would be the case. What a strange thought. I do, in fact, keep in touch with most people via my marketing materials and First Word, the newsletter. Maybe this is a whole new level of alienation, because it's happening to more than just me. People don't call each other all that often anymore. They email. They text. Voice-on-voice action seems to have gone the way of analog. Here is a funny thought. I've had to force myself to pick up the phone to have a real connection with my friends. I've developed such a digital relationship with the outside world that I don't even call people that often. I'm just saying, this takes alienation to new heights and extremes. A true disconnect in humanity is happening. This applies to the numerous men who try to hit on me on Facebook and even go so far as to make declarations of love ... did you hear that correctly? Yes, love! How you can possibly declare any level or affection or love for a picture and a person you've never met? What's wrong with that picture?

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  1. Thankfully these problems are as easy to fix as they are to appear. All it takes is someone suggesting "Let's exchange info over lunch, coffee or FroYo @ Pink Berry". hahahahahaah

    The extreme extroverts & net workers of the world are doing their part. I don't talk on my phone any where near as much as I used to. The contacts I have off line I see at school instead.

    Still I am always up to meet a stranger or seek out adventure by attending a community event.