Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood: Sookie and Eric Rewrite Please

All right -- I am going to share my huge letdown with the True Blood triangle of Bill/Sookie/Eric. And for those of you wondering why this is on a publishing blog, I'm going to put it in context of storytelling and staying true to your story. They built up the Sookie/Eric romance over three seasons in the background of the love story with Bill. In the Harris books (for those of you not in-the-know), Sookie's real relationship that lasts over the course of several books is with Eric. In Harris recent book, (spoiler alert) Dead Reckoning, Sookie pledges her true love to Eric even after she has the blood bond broken. Okay, so back to why I'm annoyed with Alan Ball and his writers -- and specifically how it was written. When Sookie essentially gives up both of her lovers, what she says to Eric just bugged me. As a critical viewer, who does know the books and professionally writes for a living, I objected to her break-up speech, which essentially she said her time with Eric was "memorable." THIS after two shows earlier (after much romper room time in the meadow, bed and Viking la, la land), they told each other the magical words, "I love you." And then there was the earlier exchange of: "I gave myself to you completely."

Now I'm not some lunatic fan who can't let go. What I object to is how this was written. Her final statement about their connection being "memorable" was completely inconsistent, insincere and frankly weird. I'm sure they're shutting the door on this love story to open it up for some Alcide loving. (My belief is that Alcide is going to be the Quinn character replacement ... sorry to you who have not read the books ... Quinn is ultimately Sookie's were-tiger lover). And it's True Blood; it's a drama; and happily ever after is left for the show finale. They also foreshadowed earlier in the show, Sookie's choice when she referenced her desire to swing on the porch with her grand babies (no grand babies are going to come from vampire loving).

So, here is the lesson for all you writers out there. Keep it real. Fans can accept the storyline a little better if you write it in a way that seems authentic. But you can't have two characters pledge their love and then turn around and reduce their affair down to a single line: "It was memorable." Okay, not working for me. Sorry! Rewrite!!

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