Saturday, September 10, 2011

3L Publishing is Now a Bakers and Taylor Vendor

Big news for 3L Publishing. We worked hard, followed the detailed instructions, wrote the marketing plan, and submitted a package to premiere book distributor Bakers and Taylor earlier this summer. All of the hard work paid off. We received notification that Bakers has agreed to distribute our books! Why is this so important and exciting? I will outline it below:

  • Bakers works like Amazon and only keeps stock on hand that it has orders to fill. This means no storage and insurance fees that we have to pass to our clients.
  • We can do smaller print runs for niche books, as Bakers doesn't have a 500 book minimum they require to fill orders, and thus, no storage and insurance fees.
  • Bakers fills orders to all of the major bookstores and suppliers worldwide.
  • Bakers royalties are real! Not a bunch of nonsense with handling fees and misc. accounting fees that all add up to reduce royalties down to nothing. 
  • Bakers is also a major supplier for Barnes and Noble.
  • Bakers doesn't take just any authors or publisher so this vetting gives 3L Publishing greater credibility as a viable publisher in the marketplace. 3L had to have a real track record and a sales record to support that track record. 3L books had to pass quality control and Bakers inspection, which says a great deal about the quality of our books.
  • Bakers does real advertising, and offers quality catalogs for buyers to select from. None of this half-hearted catalog with spelling errors on a CD.
We will still have to deal with returns et al, but we are much savvier than in the past. We will not set up our company to take the brunt of the problems. Our business model rewards authors with high royalties, which means the authors retain copyright. We have had some problems with returns and lack of recognition by some authors that returns are unsold books. We often suffered because we were never even paid in the first place for many books that we got charged returns and had paid out authors anyway. It was quite a racket. It's a new day, though, and we will be going forward with our eyes wide open. The addition of Bakers puts us in a strong position as we move forward with our cross of print/eBook model that will be another major win for our authors. It's very exciting. If you want to become a 3L author, please send a sample manuscript, synopsis and/or summary of your book to

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