Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You are Not Your Hype!

Before the party started! LOL
It's a good thing that we took pictures at the house before we left. I just saw a Facebook shot taken much later into the evening -- and I look like I should not stay up anymore past 9:00 pm. I'm sure I had touched, rubbed and smeared make-up by the time that photo got shot. You know what I mean? It was that kind of photo where you look like you should go home now ... tired ... old ... decrepit. Okay, so here is a shout out to this very nice guy named Gabe Kubanda from VH1 that we spent some time with -- and he is the person I got captured with as my tired self in the unflattering photo. First, I want to say this, what a nice guy. A total gentlemen in a sea of (how shall we say) less than gentlemanly guys. He was completely respectful and made some comments about how he treats his fans that just said it all -- a total rare breed. I hope his star rises and he continues to stay grounded.

Speaking of staying grounded ... that is an important thing when you're doing work that puts you in the spotlight. You can get really caught up in your own hype. I see authors who have actually bemoaned the idea that they're going to be in the spotlight. I try to counsel them that it's all about building a fan base for your book, and you should not think of it as being all about you. Stay focused on the work itself -- and that's what will, in fact, ground you. All of the hype and media is just external stuff. I was getting so nervous about the release of my sexy book California Girl Chronicles until I reminded myself it's a book. It's not me. And if you mistake my heroine Brea as being me ... well, let's just say that would put me in the category that includes traits such as bad judgment and weak. Those who do know me, know neither of those characteristics apply. So remember: you are not your book!! or film ... or iTune ... or whatever! It's an expression of something.

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