Friday, September 2, 2011

Off Target ... Again!

OK, I have to take a minute to rant about this ... I just got invited to a community weight loss event. All right, here is the deal for the hundredth time. When you do Facebook events, do not do mass invites. First, I have never been invited to so many different things in my life. Second, I just got invited to a community weight loss event. Really? Has anyone looked at my profile picture ... or even better seen me in person? Probably not in person, but my picture doesn't lie. Do I look like a community weight loss even is necessary to rid my frame of unnecessary girth? Seriously people, if you're going to do events and invite people to them, don't do mass invites to anyone and their cousins, aunts and distant relatives. It wastes your time! It wastes my time! And if you're doing something that involves the following: weight loss, anorexics anonymous, alcoholism and substance abuse, sex toys or swinging or anything else that might be construed as offensive, be extra careful who you invite.

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