Friday, September 9, 2011

All in My Head

OMG: I had the weirdest, most intricate dream involving a polygamist family. It was bizarre and so intricate. I remember it perfectly -- and I was shaking my head. I mean it was an intricate family story. I woke up and wondered if I channeled something or someone it was so detailed. Maybe I should turn it into a book ... hmm ... I don't want to write about a polygamist family, and HBO did that so well with Big Love. OK, completely strange and then I was sitting here thinking, "What do I blog about today?" My strange dream? Do you all really want to know more about that? Probably not. How about something better? California Girl Chronicles advanced hardcover editions come off press at the end of next week. That's better -- and way more interesting.  Here is a quick, funny story. I was promoting the release party last night and when I switched up my pitch and said it was "sassy" you should have seen the wave of cards come my way from people who suddenly wanted to attend. Well, that was interesting enough. I guess sassy resonates ... or better yet saucy. The release party is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 15 at Bar West next to Harlow's in downtown Sacramento. I will be sending out eVites in the next few days, as soon as the date gets confirmed. I have a limited number of hardcover editions, so if you want yours you can come to the party or buy it on the 3L Publishing website as soon as the shopping cart is set up. The hardcover edition will only be good as long as supplies last ... then sorry it's all eBook and soft-bound versions. The hardcover edition is a loss leader, but I wanted the advanced reviewers to see the impressive edition. It's so "purty" ....

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