Friday, September 23, 2011

Is that a Bungee Cord?

No you didn't!
Traveling with my absolutely favorite gal pal and financial planner Cindy Fuzie, who I will from now on call The Fuze, we had an absolute blast when we went to Reno eWomen. Now the blast, of course, did not happen at the actual event. Nope! We headed with two good friends/client over to the Peppermill where we bonded in the bar. I have to tell you I have made more strong connections with people at networking event by hanging out in the bar and just socializing. You will actually see it's relationship building not sales. Conferences and events are great but nothing is better than really getting to know someone outside of the events. I know this might sound strange, but I tell you I have built more relationships in bars that you might think I'm a lush. Truly, I drink a little but it's the time when people let their collective hair down and just chat. In these conversations, you can discover whether or not you even like the person. I think in business you should only work with people you like! At least that is how I do business. So we spent the evening with two people I like very much. We talked a little business, but we mostly had a rocking night out. And on the way home, The Fuze snapped that humorous photo!

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