Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

I get frequently asked that question. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers. They don't live by another person's rules or timelines. They are visionary. They know how to "seize the day". They take action. They do. They are creative and can think outside of the proverbial box. They don't need a secure paycheck (although secure income is good). They don't need validation. They don't ask permission. They are aggressive and goal-oriented. They aren't afraid of success, but also they know failure is a chance to learn and improve.

The most successful entrepreneurs I've met possess all of those traits and characteristics. I will tell you something about those authors who have invested in their books -- they are true entrepreneurs. The reason why 3L Publishing has such talent in its wings is because risk-takers and people who believe in their work know they have to "invest" in themselves. They also know that for their work to shine as bright as possible, they must be open enough to accept expert advice and guidance. To achieve the very best means going for it. Believing in yourself. Believing in your product. And knowing when to hold 'em and then mold 'em ... new phrase. And finally, the best artist in the world knows what she knows and knows what she doesn't know and respects the difference.

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