Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not Just a Spell-Checker

I don't know why 2014 was the year that authors kept showing up and wanting the "Dollar" Store special. In growing business and facing obstacles, I had more problems with authors who wanted the "fast-food combo deal," super-size it, and throw in a discount, too. The pervasive attitude is shocking. I've had more than one conversation with authors who just didn't understand the value and benefits of working with a professional publisher. The misconception that we're nothing more than a glorified spell-check application has been a challenge to overcome. I've obviously got to do a better job of defining what we do so people understand the benefits and see the value.

Just to make you laugh, even a spell-check program required someone somewhere who probably had knowledge, education and expertise to invent it. And just for the record -- even the best spell-checker cannot find the real misspellings or errors. Same applies to grammar programmers. I could spell check a manuscript 10 times and not find spelling mistakes based in usage like every day vs. everyday or in between vs. in-between. It won't find missing words. It won't identify when a word is used in the wrong context. It will only sometimes suggest a comma should be in a certain place, and maybe if you're lucky you find out that comma should be a semicolon. Grammar programs won't find missing words. And grammar programs won't tell you when that sentence is just unintelligible.

We do a three-draft editing process. The editor-in-chief (me) looks at the broad scope of the writing and story. I make comments and provide thoughtful guidance to improve the overall book. Our copy editor takes the next round, and then the author has his/her chance to find mistakes before it goes to press. Our graphics are custom designed to suit the book. The interior look and feel is a custom design. We don't do cookie-cutter books that use preset templates that every other author can choose to use. A 3L Publishing book looks unique. An author can be assured he or she won't be browsing Amazon and see a book that looks so similar to their own it's disconcerting.

Because of ALL these efforts, our books win awards. Just look at Josh Mathe's book In the Footsteps of Greatness that just yesterday he got named by the Author Show as "One of the 50 Great Writers You Should be Reading" and two weeks ago his book took the winner circle in the Royal Dragon Awards. These acknowledgments and awards don't just happen. Knowledge, expertise, talent, education and a pinch of passion go into all of our products.

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