Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Publisher's Pick: Fiction, Vengeance is Now

Before I get into this book as a great Christmas gift, I'm going to give full disclosure. First, 3L Publishing acquired Vengeance is Now in 2013, and it's a part of the Tate Holloway series, which the company also owns. Second, the author is a close friend. Now that said, it doesn't diminish why this is my all-time favorite fiction book in our catalog or why I can't wait for his second book, Hidden Agenda to finish up.

My first question is always, "Do you like thrillers?" James Patterson -- that type of book. If your answer is yes, read on and shop away. Now I am not a thriller reader per se. But quintessential Stephen King, including classics like The Shining, Christine, Cujo and The Stand were always winners.  Roberts (who I will call Scott because that is weird to me when he's a friend) knows how to amp up the mystery and fear to the scariest, nail-biting, suspenseful place. Yes, it's sexy, too, and the infamous chapter 8 has become an endearing joke in private; but overall it's a thrill-ride worth taking.

The story is simple (and an easy pitch line for Scott who is also a screenwriter): a disgraced former homicide detective goes from being the hunter to the hunted when the infamous serial killer called "The Eye" turns the tables. Buy it off the 3L Publishing's website (click here) and I'll bet I can get him to sign it for you. It's also available as eBook in Kindle, Nook and iBook. Scott also received numerous critical praises from national reviewers and was a Finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards.

And you may want to get it before Hidden Agenda releases in the spring of 2015.

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