Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Your Book -- Stick with It

The most successful authors who consistently sell books are the most persistent and tenacious -- and they understand it's a business. The book business is a challenge. You have a lot of competition out there. The self-publishing and eBook business have invited the average person to publish a book. The biggest mistake I see any author make let alone a self-published author is to release it on Amazon and wait ... and wait ... and that's usually about the time the author shows up on my doorstep and says, "I've sold a few books. Why aren't they selling?"

I tell authors the flat reality of publishing: it's 50 percent writing and 50 percent business.

As writers we sometimes get so into the process of writing and love doing it, we falsely believe our books will just sell. Voile! Books don't magically sell on their own. Behind every top seller is a marketing and public relations campaign. That some books are received better by the buying public is the major difference.  Books with no promotion or marketing just don't get seen. Yes, you can put it on Amazon but who is going to look for something he or she doesn't know exists? Maybe someone will stumble on your book, but that's like playing book Lotto and hoping your number comes up.

Authors need to understand before they attempt to publish either traditionally or self-publish that half the battle is the business. To publish a book and hope it sells is wishful thinking. In an already-competitive market it's extreme wishful thinking. The only way to make your book stand out from the crowd is to promote and market it. Exposure! Exposure through the media, exposure through social media, exposure through book signings and festival. Sending and passing out promotional materials like bookmarks and flyers. Building a mailing list of interested readers gathered from events, book festivals, and meetings or speaking engagements.

Before you publish a single page, know above and beyond that marketing is equally important as publishing. And be prepared to dive all in and support your book.

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