Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anything is Possible

The New Year is upon us so I thought I would give my pep talk. I always like the phrase "the world is my oyster" -- and it is! Anything can happen ... if you let it. I don't know what is true, but I do know that it's possible to do whatever you set your mind to do. It might not like look like how you expected, but with persistence, determination and a lot of go-to spirit, you can achieve your dreams.

The story of how 3L Publishing came to be is the best example of dreams coming true -- not just how I expected. After years of doing everything in the professional writing industry (magazine features, screenplays, custom publications ... you name it), I finally decided to write a book. The product of that decision was Second Bloom published in 2009. The self-help book about reinvention went on to win several awards. Authors suddenly took notice. I was asked to publish their books. Becoming a publisher was the easy part (actually), but the rest was a lot of hard work and dedication to my company and marketing. I've tripped along the way. I've struggled at various times to keep this company moving forward and not close my doors; but overall I've realized a dream. I love books. Now I publish books, and many of those books are award-winners, too.

Do you have a dream? It's almost 2015. When is a better time to go for it?

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