Friday, December 28, 2012

"Word Me Up" Tonto

Okay, it's Friday -- and we'll call it "not-serious-day" ... because I am not in a serious mood. So, here we go "Ready to Ramble". All right so I think I should share some of the most common grammar and spelling mistakes I see perpetrated by the masses -- and I'm just itching to correct them. Since I can't correct a billboard, I guess I will just share here on my blog and hope the news spreads throughout the land ;).

Alright vs. All right -- it's not all right to be alright! Are you smiling yet. No, my friends alright is incorrect. I know this may shatter a glass house or two, but it's always "all right" ... all right?

Toward vs. towards -- guess which one? It's America, is it not? Yes, I believe I am blogging on American soil. British usage sanctions towards. American usage embraces toward. Fair enough! So given that I own an American publishing company ( ... plug), we will go for toward.

Backwards, Forwards, Upwards, Downwards vs. Backward, Forward, Upward, Downward -- please reference what I just said about toward vs. towards and pick up big clue numeral uno. So which do you know think is right? It's that usage thing again ... darn it. Let's drop the "s" and ding! Ding! Ding! You have your answer.

Its vs. It's -- It's is always it is ... see how easy that works. Now when you question which one, just put the two words together as "it is" and drop into the sentence. Does it work? If not, go with its. How handy, dandy is that one?

!!!!!!!! -- I am paying homage to fellow writer Scott D. Roberts who has wrestled the infamous exclamation point! and won! If you happen to work with Scott via my company, I have a piece of sound advice: Don't use too many of these things!!!!! In fact, don't use it at all. As Elaine in Seinfeld advised us all not to use the dreaded ! Use exclamation points only to make a rare, emphatic point. Too many of them "desensitizes" the point LOL.

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