Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Morning Musings or Reality Check

Friday morning musings really translates to I don't know what to blog about today LOL. Usually when I don't know what to blather about on the blog, I just start writing and see what comes out of my mouth. Oh! Here is a good one: It doesn't matter ... what doesn't matter? Here is my list of things I don't think anyone should ever fuss about (aka who cares ... or reality check) and it goes like this:

1. How many millimeters from the text is from the gutter in a book. Yes, an author once fussed over that one!
2. Asking me to verify that I really did spend those 2 hours on a project that in reality would have taken most people three times that amount to do ... yet you're worried I really did spend a whopping 2 hours on it. This one falls under the category of "reality check".
3. Getting a bargain-basement quote on publishing services (you know it's a deal) and yet still asking, "Can I get another discount?" Or the other favorite: "Wow! That's still expensive." This one falls under "reality check," too.
4. "Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to pay you." Who 'forgets' to pay someone? More like I didn't have the money to pay you. I mean last I checked, if I 'forget' to pay SMUD or my car payment or my rent or whatever, I get my credit dinged and a nasty collection notice. No such thing as forgetting to pay bills ... I'm just saying.

All right all you entrepreneurs out there, I hope this made you smile. Believe it or not, I have been in business now almost 7 years, and I've heard it all.

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