Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

Having trouble getting your creative spark lit? I have trouble all of the time. Yes, I'm super prolific and I write every single day. I have to write this blog every day, too. Do I make it look effortless? Well, sometimes I start with nothing. I got nothing! Today ... I got nothing except last night's weird dreams to fuel my ideas. Yes, I had a super weird dream, something about a story about animals and my fellow writing friend's desk. The manuscript was sitting on his desk, and it was a song ... all right what is my point? I don't have a point LOL, but I do have some great tips to kickstart your creativity if you're having writer's block.

Let a title define your project. The title of my book California Girl Chronicles came to me first. I actually built the story around the title. For some writers this would be backward, but for me it worked.

Just start writing from an unconscious level. Just sit down at your desk and let your fingers type and see where it leads. You will be surprised where things go. You might just end up with an entire novel a few weeks later.

Do an outline and then fill in the blanks. Sometimes just putting together an outline provides those necessary "signposts" to guide you forward or even inspire you.

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