Friday, December 7, 2012

Texting is No Place to have a Serious Discussion

Okay, I have to start off with an astute observation made by wonderful boyfriend Kirk Donnelly who whispers all sorts of sage wisdom in my ear. One day we were bantering back and forth in text and the discussion took a serious turn. 

Suddenly, my phone rings and Kirk says, "Why the heck are we having a serious discussion in text?" 

I started laughing. "I don't know sweetheart, why are we?" 

"Text is no place to have a serious discussion, sweetie." LOL ... 

And words to live by ... TEXTING is no place to have a serious discussion whether personally or professionally

We are a strange techno society indeed. What is up with people using text to discuss important matters? I had a relationship where the person never picked up the phone and all the heavy stuff went down in text. First, text and email are cold media -- no voice, no inflection, no tone, and no idea of the true intent or emotions behind it. The only upside, you can give a little more thought to what you're going to say. The downside, it's cold communication and it's super, super impersonal. 

Also another important piece of information for singles: it's super easy for a guy or girl to cheat on his/her significant other by using text. No one hears anyone talking so eavesdropping doesn't take place. You can say "it's my daughter" when it's really your significant other. And if you're not particularly nosy or interested in looking at the person's phone (because you respect his/her privacy), the lie can easily pass unnoticed. Also, it's pretty darned easy to erase the text history to hide your conversations. So just realize that texting is great on one hand: quick and efficient messages. Downside: cold, impersonal and easy to hide things. 

I love you baby ;) -- and ya all should listen to my boyfriend. 

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