Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dress for Success

We attended a networking function where there was an image consultant talking about (what else) -- image. I listened attentively and agreed with most of it. Although I don't think a suit is always the item to project the perfect image. For me in my business, I deliberately avoid business suits, because I want to project an image of fun and creativity, which is something in her speech she missed. Just like in the IT world where a "look" got adopted, the same can be said of other industries. I'm not running a staid corporation. I want my image to reflect my brand, and that is something she didn't recognize. My 3L Publishing brand projects fun, creativity, art and intellectual capital. You will never see me out on the networking scene wearing a suit. I dress fun, interesting and different with a sexy, flirty flair. But no matter how you dress two things are ALWAYS critical to project success: you shoes and handbag. Saying you're a success and then wearing worn-out, Payless Show Source shoes and a ratty handbag ... um NO! Pay attention to those details. Believe me other people notice. And shoes and purse -- dead giveaways that maybe you're not quite as successful as you suggest ... OR you have bad taste LOL ... or not taste at all ;).

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