Thursday, December 27, 2012

Three Things Every Business Owner Should be Doing

No, there are no magic elixirs or formulas for instant business success. The Blue Fairy won't make your business a "real" business with a wave of the wand nor will the evil witch change your fate with a potion (can you tell I've been watching too much Disney over the holiday break?). BUT I have some great news. You don't need wands or potions to be successful in business. I've been a business owner for seven years, and here is what I've learned over the years and what I know works in business. Here are three things every business owner should be doing to create a profitable, successful business.

No. #1 -- Networking. Do you remember in college when your professor told you to go out and network and you thought, "Oh no! I would rather spend the evening in the frat house." The idea of going out and meeting strangers sounded about as exciting as a root canal. Well, reality is you have to network to be successful in business. You have to shake stranger's hands, engage in often boring small talk, and eat the rubber chicken. Without networking and the resulting relationship building, you won't be able to build a strong, thriving business.

No. #2 -- Social Media, which in a sense is another form of networking. Today social media is absolutely necessary to making and maintaining strong connections. I can't tell you how many connections I've made on social media and specifically Facebook that helped my business in some way. In fact, I even recently connected with a woman on social media who introduced me to another woman who offered her venue free of charge for some book launches. Social media is no longer that "new whatever" marketing device. It is absolutely the future of networking and business, and it would be foolish to ignore if you have done so.

No. #3 -- Blogging. Blogging and/or Blog Talk Radio are two exceptional ways to keep your business out in front of the public. My blog has pulled in some business and a lot of queries and questions. I mostly look at, though, as a method of exposure, meaning keeping my name out there and building an audience for my products and services. Now I recognize that many of you are not writers, and the idea of blogging on a daily basis is overwhelming. The best way to overcome your barriers? Hire a writer to blog on your behalf. In fact, we offer blogging services, so feel free to call us at 916-300-8012 or email us at

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