Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Value of a Book Launch Party

Michelle Gamble-Risley 
I recently attended the book launch party for Silent Voices, 3L newest non-fiction novel based on a true story that took place in Littleton, Colorado. It was a great party. People lined up all night (and I mean all night) to get the signature of author Debbie Nau Redmond. If you're about to release a book or have just released one, don't miss the opportunity for great initial sales by hosting a launch party. A launch gives authors a chance to personally autograph their books for friends, family and associates. It also gives your new book a opportunity to make a nice amount of sales. And even better, gives the media some news to promote your book and event to the general public. You can leverage feature stories, book reviews and calendar listings to spread the word about your book title and generate some buzz. Authors sometimes get uncomfortable with the idea of throwing themselves a party, but I say no worries. Your friends want to celebrate your achievement -- so let them!

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