Monday, April 4, 2011

So Many Marketing Media Choices: How do I Choose?

We have services like Blog Talk Radio and video blogs becoming much more common. Then you have numerous social media available to choose from. You have written forms of media -- blogs, eZines and online advertising. What is a company to do? All of them? Some of them? I am constantly having people try to persuade me to try video blogs, which someday I may try. But when presented with so many time-consuming options, it is difficult to know what to do. Should I become a radio personality? Should I become an entertainer and do a video? Should I become a writer and blog? What if you have none of those skills? You can hire out yet if you do this every day that cost can escalate and become expensive. Is the return on investment there to justify it? Here is my best advice: You should absolutely do some or all of those marketing tactics. If you're voice isn't radio-friendly, take Blog Talk off the table. If you're just not ready to shoot a daily or weekly video, take video off the table; but perhaps you have a radio-friendly voice, so put Blog Talk back on the table. You can't write, take blogging and eZines off the table ... or do what most of my clients do, hire someone (you could hire us ... how convenient LOL). My bottom line message: do something. Pick one or two of the suggested marketing tactics, and do them and do them every day. You have to have some sort of marketing mix to be successful in today's economic climate. I don't know a single business owner who does nothing and succeeds anyway. I am being honest. No one sitting back practicing the "they-know-me" strategy is winning. So find what you feel comfortable doing and then do it. If you need help, contact 3L Publishing.

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