Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nothing to Beware of ...

I stumbled upon a reaction to 3L Publishing posted by someone who knows absolutely nothing about our company other than assumptions and speculation. I was disappointed that the word "scam" was used about 3L. I was further disgusted by the speculation that has no basis in reality was put out there as fact. I can tell you that not a single one of our authors would echo these sentiments. They would not agree. We have scammed absolutely no one and I take total offense with that accusation. Before anyone accuses 3L of "scamming" authors, they might want to actually speak to our authors. We have a very happy stable of authors who love their final products. Their final products are first-rate, high-quality and do, in fact, land on bookstore shelves. Before assumptions like that get made, you seriously might want to do your homework and know your facts -- especially since you're accusing my company of a scam! I know critics will always exist. I have seen it. I also know the writers community can be very vitriolic. But next time, a group decides to be nasty and chase my company with an ax, at least get your facts straight! And please note, we have four books selling very well -- Fertile Kitchen Cookbook, A Feast at the Beach, Daughter of the Caribbean and Our Stimulus Package. Why don't you ask these authors if they feel "scammed!" If I sound angry, I am. I was absolutely indignant to read these posts. P.S., why don't you pick up and read one of these "lousy" books that have received five star ratings next time you get so nasty!

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