Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Just Saying ... The Flip-Flop Debate

A very nice and high-profile gal was speaking at a networking event. She came up to me (we know each other) and asked if she could have my opinion. I looked at her and said, "I only give an opinion when asked." And those Friend-Os are good words of advice too -- only render personal opinions if it's invited otherwise you get into very dicey territorial. So, she asks, "What do you think about me speaking with the flip-flops on?" I now have cause to look down. What does she have on? Not just some cute pair of sassy flip-flops one could get away with in a pair of shorts. No, she has on some dirty (the dirt got me the worst) flip-flops that one should only wear while gardening or poolside. They were pretty dingy, so I would risk suggesting you only wear them in the garden. I was highly amused by the question from a gal who I know knows better, but yet still dared to ask. I think she was secretly hoping I would bless the dirty flip-flops. Being the consummate professional that I am, I very regretfully advised that while pain in the feet is a good excuse not to wear high heels, that those flips were definitely "flops" -- especially if she was going to be our sacred speaker. I also let her know that while most people aren't shallow enough to give a "flip" about her footwear there were always those few who secretly would be aghast and titter and gossip about it later on. I also warned that her choice of footwear at a professional event where image matters -- and most importantly matters if you're the speaker -- might end up fodder in my newsletter First Word. Well, now it's just fodder for the blog. A strong piece of advice. If you suspect your shoes will cause agony and discomfort, do not wear them. And don't ever replace them with your garden wear. I'm just saying!

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