Monday, April 25, 2011

Four Things I Hate to Do

This blog is getting much too serious lately. I need to get out of this funk of too-serious-for-myself and back into the playful side of life. As I was getting up to brush my teeth with my awful-tasting "whitening" toothpaste, it occurred to me that I should share (for the sake of your better edification and entertainment), four things I hate to do -- whether personally or in business. I figure many of you will probably relate.

Cold calling -- I have to at least try to keep this business-related, right? All right, who out there enjoys cold calling? None of you ... of course not. It's akin to teetering on the edge of embarrassment and raw nerve that someone you've never met will take time our of their precious schedule to spend two minutes on the phone with you, a person they've never met. Or even care to actually have a conversation with a stranger. I told Malia recently that if your intention when you cold call for media work is to avoid human contact at all costs, most likely the person on the other end won't pick up anyway, and off to voice mail you go. When I pointed out the cold-caller's prayer, "Dear God, don't let them pick up," and how counter productive that is, she laughed.

NightQuil -- god God, who at Vics invented this horrible-tasting cough suppressant. I think they should be taken out into the pharmaceutical field and shot. Or better yet, be forced to drink it without their nose plugged. Seriously, it tastes, in my opinion, like the foulest thing on Earth. Is there anything that tastes just as awful? Not that I know of. Here is my oath, I will stay well and avoid any need to ever again consume that foul syrup. I bet even my dog would turn his nose up to that stuff. In fact, I have never once even suggested that either of my poor children take a "sip." I wouldn't inflict that goo on anyone -- not even my worst enemy.

Confrontation -- Oh, yeah I am one of those people who totally hates good, old confrontation. I've recently pulled up my big girl pants to get over it. When you don't confront bad behavior, it just keeps on giving like a really bad re-gifted present. What has happened, though, is people who were used to pulling fast ones with no comment from old spineless will suddenly be shell-shocked that you're no longer willing to roll out the "walk-on-me" mat. You may get some heavy push-back when you no longer allow folks to get their inappropriate way, because you're avoiding that discussion as much as I am avoiding NightQuill. Just be prepared for those suddenly shocked by your brand new backbone to try all sorts of unsavory tactics to get that mat brought back out again.

Excitement or hyperbole -- I always hate it when people construe my joy about a win as something entirely different. I am a joyful person. I get excited about my business and life. I set goals. When I achieve those goals, I will shout from the rooftops; but don't construe my excitement with anything other than what it is -- joy! For example, I think it's important to set financial goals. Not because I am some money-grubbing idiot, rubbing her hands together, but because financial goals and money are the fuel to all business. We set goals to achieve them. We share those wins with others, often with glee and pride at having achieved them. It's fun to achieve your goals. It's exciting. So, if you construe my excitement with anything other than what it is, then you are sadly mistaken. My personal and professional values are reflected in my every-day life. And anyone well connected with my every-day life knows exactly what I value -- and the rest of you ... well, just remember there is absolutely nothing wrong with pride and joy. And there is nothing wrong with sharing that pride and joy. So take on the day with pride, joy and happiness as the wind under your sails!!

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