Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of those days ...

Yeah, Mercury is in retrograde so I should just crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head. Bo Bradley's Stress Awareness Workshop next Thursday the 21st at Borders in Roseville, here I come. A great deal of angst is coming from this so-called blogger that decided it was perfectly acceptable to unleash the flamers on 3L. You know how the Internet can be. Anyone with a Blogger account, and there you go. This woman either missed an etiquette class or just never had anyone give her an edit button. While my authors diligently tried to stamp out the fires of misinformed and just negative "flamers," this woman continued to just be a complete bull in the china shop. After essentially saying that only traditional publishers recognize talent, I was finally at the end of my rope. Fatigue set in. Maybe it's just been one of those weeks where fighting the good fights just doesn't seem worth it. This combined with a client who briskly lost her manners over such a petty amount of time spent on a project, and I have to say, tired is an understatement. First, to answer any insinuation about my authors' talents or lack thereof, one just has to read some of these well-crafted books to dispel that nonsense. Second, if you ever happen to work with a service provider and you don't agree with something or you have a question, just approach it (especially if it's a sensitive subject) with sugar vs. vinegar. This person who attacked and implied that perhaps I wasn't being honest about something, would have been better off to say, "Wow! I didn't expect this. Can we maybe work this out so that I feel better about it?" Instead, the vinegar was hauled out. And the worst part is, I would have probably shrugged and said, "Hey! You know what? We're all friends here. Let me just give you a gift!" Ah, but out came that old vinegar. And I'm just too damned tired! So, off you go. And off I go to a warm bed and TV time!

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