Sunday, April 10, 2011

3L's eBook Division Coming Soon ...

The eBook market is starting to explode. We're ready now to move forward with our eBook division. With the marketing flipping toward 51 percent of buyers now interested in eBook versions, we recognize the value of the marketplace to transition. We do anticipate that in the near future, the market will go more toward the e-version and paper will become secondary. We're still a few years off a complete flip, and it will not be complete. Print versions will not completely go away for any number of reasons, and it will also have an impact on what is or is not printed. The one thing that will not lose street credibility is being published by a publisher. Many self publishers will continue to leverage this model, but most people still recognize the value of a professional publishing company having vetted the book's quality and professionally producing it. Reviewers will still continue to not take self-published books as seriously as those published by true professionals. You will see a rain of products produced by self-publishers where some by sure promise of actually be well-done will do fine, but then the other products that were produced by inexperienced writers just looking to get a book out will be weeded out. I am not a fan of self publishing for those reasons among others. I've seen a lot of self-published products produced by amateurs where the problems jumped out. In fact, I can quite honestly tell you a product was self-published at a mere glance. And the reviewers can too. I think what is important for 3L Publishing is that we continue to produce high-quality products that on average receive five-star reviews. In fact, not a single 3L books has received anything on average less than five stars -- and there is a reason for that.

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