Friday, May 31, 2013

It's a Mad World and Hello Kitty Dresses

I have had what can only be described as the toughest week of my life. My boyfriend came close to dying on Monday! Not exaggerating, and I've never had anybody that close to me come so close to death -- and RIGHT in front of me. I am going to say one word: STRESS! I have spent the entire week at his hospital bedside, and yesterday he turned back toward the positive. He was sitting up again, and he had some color in his face. I brought him a drawing from my 9-year-old daughter and that cheered him up immensely. I know that post-traumatic stress will set in soon, as it typically does with me. I'm one of these people who react appropriately during trials and then tend to lose it afterward ... the aftermath is coming soon, but that's okay as long as he's recovering and doing better. Next week I should return to my normal work hours. If you're a 3L client, please know it has been really challenging, but everything will be moving forward upon my return to full-time work.

Here is a weird, funny aside: I dreamt last night I was at a fair and picking out Hello Kitty dresses and bought one but it didn't fit across the shoulders. What does that mean LOL?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

H-E-Double Toothpicks

It was the best of times … it was the worst of times … no wait! It’s the worst of times (see have to make a joke somewhere). This week I am willing to say qualifies as a visit to hell. Yes, I said hell (or would you prefer H-E-Double-Toothpicks … I used to say that as a kid). My boyfriend Kirk Donnelly became very ill and is hospitalized (and I’m sure by the time this publishes he’ll still be there). I am only writing this newsletter to let you know what happened and why I’ve been off the radar. I am on break from staying by his side.

If you really want to help me, here is a proposition and you get something in return for it. I had planned a vacation to Hawaii but then Kirk got laid off, too (seriously, he is running on some negative gas right now). Now that he’s sick and will need to recuperate, I thought it would be nice if he could join me; but alas laid off = no finances. So, here is my proposition. Help his recover and get a great book, too. My second book in the California Girl Chronicles series Brea’s Big Break is released. Buy the book, and I will use the proceeds to fund his recovery trip. You get a book! He gets to float in healing and warm salt water in a nice place – what a deal! Buy it by clicking here.

Now I would continue to try and be funny, but I’m in no mood or spirit to laugh right now. I have to return to the hospital. Ah, life is life is life! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BLOW OUT Summer Publishing Special


Invest in our full publishing package and save up to 75 percent! Yes, 75 percent on our package DEAL. Beat the heat of other publishers!!!

Book Publishing Package #1
Qualifying Books: 1-150 Pages
Editorial Includes:

  • Two draft editing process
  • Final proof reading
  • Grammar, spelling, usage and Style check
  • Front and back cover design
  • Guts/interior design
  • Final finished book
Price: $3,000

Book Publishing Package #2
Qualifying Books: 1-250 Pages
Editorial Includes:
  • Two draft editing process
  • Final proof reading
  • Grammar, spelling, usage and Style check
  • Front and back cover design
  • Guts/interior design
  • Final finished book
Price: $4,000

Offer expires: June 30, 2013

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Monday, May 27, 2013

3L Publishing's Great Summer Reads

Are you looking for that great beach book? You know the one that is pure mind candy? Maybe you need a book for that long plane ride to your vacation hot spot. My company 3L Publishing has some great books for some summer reading fun -- mind candy, brain junk, escapist pleasure. So here are the new releases books out of the 3L catalog I recommend if you want to just lay on the beach and do a whole lot of nothing but read and not think.

Now this one is just gratuitous to promote, but it is the THE beach read of the summer releases. It's my book California Girl Chronicles, Brea's Big Brea. The second book picks up where book one, Brea and the City of Plastic (which you can get for .99 cents on Kindle on Amazon, click here). Brea has finally gotten her first screenwriting job, but what's a girl to do when she still can't get her dreamboat producer's forgiveness along with a myriad of other hot men to choose from, including the crazy rich playboy Ryan and the hunky actor Johnny. Of course beauty also has its price, and Brea finds herself being stalked and sexually harassed. This book goes a little deeper than the first one, but I promise you not by much. It's just a great piece of fluff -- pure beach-time fun. Order your print copy, click here. Brea's Big Break is available as eBook, too, on Kindle, Nook and iBook. Order your Kindle version, click here.

My personal favorite, which is being heavily promoted this season, is Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts. This book is written in a unique style that shifts back and forth between the serial killer's point of view and the other character's viewpoints. It is layered in sub-plots and I defy any reader to figure out who is the killer. It's about a disgraced homicide detective Tate Holloway, who goes down as one of my favorite "F"-up characters. The author loves to create flawed characters, and he does a superb job in the irreverent Tate in whom he has created a masterful voice. I think of all of the fiction books in 3L's catalog, you will be very impressed with this one, as Roberts takes you on a tour de force action-adventure as Holloway quickly goes from being the hunter to the hunted in this fabulous erotic-thriller. Roberts has already received rave reviews on Amazon. Find out why by ordering your copy today (click here). The book is available as eBook, too, in Kindle, Nook and iBook. Watch for the second book in the Tate Holloway series to come out in 2014.

Are you an author? We are also running a great SUMMER SALE on our editorial services. Need your manuscript edited? Buy 20 hours of editing and get 5 FREE hours, which is nearly a $500 value. For more information, send an email to or call 916-300-8012.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Morning Musings

What does that mean anyway?
Today's musing has to do with the photographed pin. I heart ... rabbit ears? I'm confused. What does that mean? It comes from, which is a reviewer who picked up both Vengeance is Now and California Girl Chronicles at the RT Book Lovers convention. I don't get it. She loves reading, check! Rabbits ears = reading, how? She loves rabbits? No, it's rabbit ears. I love listening via my rabbit ears? Oh, the conundrum of the morning. Dear friends if you can explain the pin's message to me, I will send you a complementary copy of California Girl Chronicles, Brea's Big Break. Of course, you are free to come up with whatever meaning you think is appropriate. I naturally expect your interpretations to be amusing at the very least. Post your comment and then send me an email at with your shipping address, and I will get you a copy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Editing Tips for the Masses

Okay, so that headline is a little strong ... masses LOL. Makes me think of Music for the Masses or wait! Was that Music for the People ... or perhaps Ghost in the Machine or Kiss for the Rose ... LMAO ... I am in a weird, little mood today. All right so yesterday I was reading the mass of junk mail I receive in my in-box, and one newsletter stood out. It had some great public relations information. I saw an article on proofreading, and it gave some great tips for the layperson to use. I have my own, so I thought I would share and help the "masses" or better yet the average businessperson.

Tip #1 -- Take a piece of paper and cover up everything but the sentence you are reading. I like to call this the "non-green" method because unless you do this on a flat-screen like an iPad, you have to print up what you're proofing. This method works because your eye is not somehow wandering ahead of the sentence. The "wandering" eye isn't really controllable, you will find you naturally do it. Covering up those words forces you to focus just on that sentence.

Tip #2 -- Read it backward. When you read backward you are only looking at single words to ensure they are spelled correctly. Commonly misspelled words, though, tend to be nouns or adjectives that are one word not two words (e.g., every day vs. everyday). I see this mistake made by even the most seasoned editors and writers. Sometimes you really have to think about it, too. I professionally edit so I make it a priority to just look it up. I don't have the leeway to just assume. And let me tell you the prime rule of editing that always makes people laugh, "If it's wrong yesterday, it's still wrong today, and it's still wrong tomorrow."

Tip #3 -- If it's a professional piece (business letter, brochure, resume, book, etc.) hire an editor! I know so simple, right? I know it's terribly unfair, but people will judge your mistakes (they are what I humorously call the "grammar police"), and to your aggravation they will think you're illiterate (even if you have a Ph.D.), and many of the top policemen or women will smugly rub it in your face. Some people take great pride in telling you, "Uh, Bob you misspelled 'their' ... it's 'there,' dude!" If you are writing anything that is going to "go on forever" then you have to hire an editor. The last part of this, don't assume "it's all clean and perfect," especially if it's a manuscript. I have NEVER run across a manuscript (even one already edited by a professional) that didn't contain mistakes. Editing to perfection (or as close as you can get) is almost as hard as physics (not exaggerating). I will give you my common metaphor to help you understand why it's a tough job to get a manuscript 100-percent scrubbed. Imagine a big jar of black Jelly Belly's. Now take that jar and empty it on a white table. Now go and find the flawed jellybeans. Doesn't sound so easy anymore, does it?

Do you have a manuscript you need edited? My company 3L Publishing provides topnotch editorial services at a reasonable price. We are running a Summer Special: Buy 20 hours of editing and get 5 FREE hours. If you're interested, contact us at 916-300-8012. Please visit our website at

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bad Speaker Behavior

Bo Bradley, operations manager, and yours truly at offending event.

Are you a want-to-be speaker or a professional speaker? Today's peanut gallery wisdom comes after a rude speaker proceeded to disrespect the audience's time not by 15 minutes, not by 30 minutes, not by 60 minutes, but probably longer since we got up and left after the offending hour had past. For all we know this speaker continued another two hours past time allotment. Why no one got up and left sooner than they did is beyond me. My operations manager Bo Bradley and I sat and became more and more miffed as we wanted to go home -- it was already 10:00 p.m. and her speaking time was supposed to end at 9:15 p.m. A few attendees began to slowly slip out to family responsibilities. We finally ran into the group organizer who encouraged us to pack up. Well, I am a business owner (3L Publishing), and I am mindful of appearances. I didn't want to give a "rude" appearance to the group, but after the inconsiderate speaker continued on "past our bed time," we got fed up and packed up despite appearances. Bo, who runs her own group, was disgusted and remarked how it shows a complete lack of integrity and respect for other people's time to allow a speaker (I don't care WHO that speaker is) to run so far over-time it's insane and just plain rude. I could excuse the speaker if she didn't have a habit of running over-time everywhere she goes. If you intend to become a speaker or routinely speak, it is a point of integrity and respect not to run over-time. I run the group Writer's Who Mean Business, and I always make it a priority not to go over-time and end on time. People invest their time and attention to see you speak, but that doesn't give you carte blanche to do whatever you like and go on and on. To make matters more annoying, her over-time was invested in doing an "info-mericial" pitch for her conference. Who likes an info-mercial? Not me. And I certainly don't enjoy one when I'm exhausted from a long day and the over-time buzzer went off an hour ago. And that's my friends is a big "just saying."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Impossible - Movie Review

After the awards season, I always love it when the nominated films start to be released. I know I will have have some wonderful movies to enjoy -- and one such movie is the mind-blowing, inspirational film titled The Impossible. I had so many people recommend this movie to me. I was sitting on an airplane, and a woman was watching it and said I should see it. Taking heed, I decided to pick up a copy this weekend. Of course, it turned out to be just an incredible film. On just a technical level alone, the CGI was truly impressive. They were able to recreate what it would really be like to be hit by a tsunami with such true-life accuracy, I started wondering how the heck they did it. But the technical aspect wasn't the impressive part -- it was the story itself.

The movie is the true story of the Bennett family who were swept up in the tsunami that hit Thailand's coast and destroyed it. It's a tale of survival, human perseverance, and family love. The filmmakers take you right into the heart of the experience. You are there with the family members, and the search to find each other is heart-wrenching, real and enthralling. There were moments (the carnality of seeing the mother's leg sliced open that turned your stomach) that were so real, my eyes just grew large. So many moments in this film where my lower lip trembled as I fought off tears. The acting was dead-on and pitch-perfect and not at all melodramatic, which it could have been if taken over the top. 

I highly recommend you see The Impossible -- just be prepared. It isn't the least bit sappy, but it is quite real and very frightening. IT made me not want to go to the beach! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome 3L's New Executive in Charge of "Mew"

Welcome aboard Mr. Bill, 3L's newest
executive in charge of "mewing."
Welcome "Bill" 3L Publishing's newest addition. My feline friend has a cozy, new "desk" complete with litter box and food next to the CEO's workstation. He's my chief advisor on all things kitty. Bill is quite an expert when it comes to detecting chicken is cooking on the stove. In fact, he's so good at it, he yowled his "vote" that I bring that chicken on down! Actually, we got Bill as a stress-reduction tool. Animals are known to reduce stress. Our blood pressure goes down when we pet animals. My constant, reactive brain power was being constantly turned on by any number of stresses in my life. So, my sweetheart and intrepid fiancé kept suggesting we get a kitty to pet and love on. I love kitties. And big bonus: my daughter has wanted a kitty forever. A little note about children. I had a ridiculous suggestion that I essentially "over-analyze" a situation that popped up over my daughter, who is 9. Well, twice now with my kids my solution has always been simple. I asked my daughter outright what was bothering her about the situation. She told me simply and truly -- and voile! I listened and provided a solution. BAM! Problem solved! I just think when it comes to children there is no need to over-analyze situations. Ask, listen and figure out a solution -- and you know what else? That strategy works well in business. Managers and executives are you listening? I know it sounds strange to compare it to managing a child, but I swear it works. If you're having a staff problem, ask him or her what is the exact problem, listen carefully, and then come up with a solution that works for both. Sometimes, yes, life and business are just that easy.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Brea's Big Break Now Available

Last year my company released California Girl Chronicles: Brea and the City of Plastic. The book received positive reviews, and then my life went to hell and a really bad picnic basket. I had to refocus my attention on my personal life, and our poor flawed heroine found herself adrift in a sea of other frothy, fun summer reads. Now here we are in May -- and hey it's almost summer time. Are you looking for a really great beach read, something completely mindless and described more like mind candy? (As a side note, I always have to laugh when reviewers took this book way too seriously ... it's just meant to be escapist fun.) In the second book (which I think is better than the first), Brea is starting her first professional screenwriting job all the while fielding the attention of male admirers. This story has an underlining message rooted in sexual politics, and it digs into the reality of screenwriting, which isn't quite as glamorous as our heroine expected. As a screenwriter myself I pulled from reality -- you know, been there done that ... didn't enjoy that! It's a bit of Entourage meets Sex in the City. The book is newly released on Amazon in paperback and Kindle (click here to buy). It's also available on Nook and iBook or visit my website and pick up a copy at If you buy off my website, I will sign a copy for you.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Wise Man Says ... or Ode to Kirk

Yours truly with Kirk Donnelly at Wright's Beach.
My fiancé and I are making all sorts of plans and dreaming about our future and what we want. I was feeling rather discouraged and sniffed that at my age the fact that I no longer owned a home was depressing. I gave up a lot of different things in the divorce ("things" being the operative word). To gain my freedom, I had to free myself of essentially my material world -- a world I worked equally as hard to build as my ex-husband and yet had to give up. My brilliant, sensitive and caring fiancé slept on my lament and woke up this morning and said I needed to give myself a break. The divorce wasn't even final a year, and it takes time to rebuild.

His last thought, "And you have love." 

When I left my other life, I went on walk-about and then I sat back and let love find me. Kirk found me. I left my marriage to find love. Not the kind of love where the other person doesn't want to be with you. Not the kind of love where it's okay to be yelled at or demeaned under the guise of anger. Not the kind of love where the sweetness and caring has drifted into silent resentment. No, I wanted the kind of love where my man would be my true best friend. A love filled with laughter and passion. A love that would survive until the the sun of our lives set. I found that kind of love!

In the end what I've learned is that the material world will never bring you happiness. You can only fill your empty hole and make yourself happy. And when you can make yourself happy you can make someone else even happier to be with you!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Question of Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Writers consistently ask questions and discuss the different publishing options available today. I want to provide some pros and cons to each publishing option. I also want to impart that except for the shysters in the publishing industry who will take money and produce virtually nothing, most independent publishers are reputable. My best advice: always do your homework. Ask for references and happy client testimonials. If a publisher produces none then shy away. Also, ask for samples of their previously published books.



  • Your book's expenses are paid for by the publisher
  • You have no costs for the book itself
  • The publisher distributes to the bookstores
  • Royalties range from 8-12 percent
  • Royalties are paid annually or every 18 months to account for returns
  • You have layer upon layer to get to the publisher
  • Most publishers want you to have a platform or following before they will consider you
  • You must have an agent
  • It can take a long time to get an agent
  • It can take even longer to find a home for the manuscript
  • It can take 18 months to 24 months to get published
  • You still have to hire a publicist, as most publishers provide little promotion and marketing
  • You have to sell A LOT of copies to make any real money on royalties ranging from 8-12 percent
  • You have to write a book proposal (or know how to write one) to get an agent and/or publisher

  • You get distributed online and into the bookstores
  • Your book takes roughly six months to get published and/or printed
  • Your royalties range from 35 to 100 percent
  • You have more editorial control over the final product
  • You have more say in the cover selection and design
  • Each contract is typically profitable after the first 1,000 copies sold
  • The book becomes a best-seller you make all the money
  • It is easier for new authors to break into publishing using this model
  • The seasoned editorial expertise means your book will be high quality, and in some cases, better quality than a traditionally published book
  • You roll the dice and gamble on your own money
Are you ready to make your dream comes true? If so, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to or calling 916-300-8012. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Self-Publishing on the Cheap ... Cheap is as Cheap Does

I wish I had some before and after photos of self-published books that were republished through my company 3L Publishing. The difference is astounding. Most new and emerging authors don't have the platform or following to get traditionally published. Out of frustration these authors end up trying to self-publish, and because they are not publishers they either try to scrape together an amateur self-published book or they wind up being ripped off at one of the many self-publishers who offer some super cheap K-Mart prices. The results are typically embarrassing and do nothing to generate sales.

Here are reasons why you don't want to self-publish, and you especially don't want to self-publish and buy one of those "super cheap" package offers that look great until you end up with a terrible product.

Typos and errors: What do you get when you work with a "professional" editor who is nothing more than an entry-level English major who is being paid $10 an hour? I will tell you dear friends. A book loaded with grammar and spelling mistakes. The worst part? A book loaded with mistakes on the back cover copy! Ouch! I should know. I, too, was once a $10 an hour entry-level editor being aptly trained under a seasoned editor. Believe me when I say you learn more on the job than in college. Any new editor is likely to miss mistakes.

Snow Blind: It's really hard to find a great proof reader (and $10 an hour isn't going to produce one). I always try to explain to people what proofing and editing is like to help them understand. The scenario goes like this: Take a jar of 100,000 black jellybeans. Empty that jar onto a table. Now please go hunt and find the flawed ones. Doesn't sound so easy does it? It's not easy at all. First, you have to know how to spell (all words). Second, you have to know grammar. Third, you have to have fresh eyes and not go blind (essentially) to the mistakes that later will jump out at you and be so obvious you'll feel like an idiot. It's not that you didn't know the mistake is an error -- it's that you could not longer see it was an error.

Credibility: No matter how you slice this one, self-publishing doesn't give you the necessary credibility with the reviewers. If it's not a bona fide publishing company then it's less likely to receive critical reviews that will catapult sales.

If you would like to work with a publisher and a team to publish your book, contact my company at 916-300-8012 or send an email to We will explain to you how our unique and efficient hybrid publishing service will solve these issues. We work with new and emerging authors to make their books dreams come true. For more information, visit

Monday, May 13, 2013

You Can Never Go Wrong with the Beach ... or Blogging

So, we went to Bodega Bay and spent the afternoon at Wright's Beach. It was a beautiful, clear afternoon (after the fog lifted). I thought I would post this picture and recommend a quick trip and/or escape.

BUT this is a business-related blog not a travel blog LOL, so I also thought I would share three great tips about blogging. I was talking to a business man in Occidental who owned the French restaurant we ate at. He mentioned he blogged, and he has 3,000 readers per month, which is pretty good. I have roughly 2,000 per month myself. It takes a lot of blogging and great content to build up your blog readership. I thought I would share three ways to make your blog a success and build readership.

Tags or Labels Count -- make sure you always tag each blog. The Google and search engine crawlers look for those keywords. Make sure you use tags that would work in the mainstream. For example, if you're talking about your iPhone, make sure you tag it as Apple AND iPhone. The more effective tags you have on your blog, the more readers will be attracted in from the search engines.

Blog Daily -- yes, it's a lot of work (and sometimes a stretch) to blog daily, but fresh posts keep readers coming. Try and keep your juices and imagination flowing by reading daily headlines for ideas or just do what I do: start typing. I am (as my beloved fiancé says) always up in my head anyway.

Education-based Marketing -- try and realize your blog only supports your brand. Do not expect direct, instant results from blogging. People will read your blog and your credibility grows. Your blog is simply a part of your platform, and it keeps your name out there. It attracts via keywords readers, and those same readers will use your blog to research and decide if they want to do business with you. But don't blog with the expectation it will be a gold mine in sales. It will just be a marketing tool.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fairy in the Machine

"New Mexico Sky" by Scott D. Roberts, author and now
talented photographer! I want to print this photo
for my wall. Gorgeous!! 
My dear friend and fellow author Scott D. Roberts, who recently penned the novel Vengeance is Now, was out on the road for his book tour and sent me this picture of the New Mexico sky (isn't it gorgeous). Can you believe that was taken on an iPhone in HD? Amazing what technology does on a Smart Phone. Well, the ghost in the machine moment ... I was at my desk last night and suddenly this photo gets sent (on its own) from my phone to my email. How utterly bizarre is that? I love this photo! I didn't send if from my iPhone. It parked itself in my email in-box all by itself. I sometimes wonder what the fairies are up to LOL. My good friend and operations manager Bo Bradley and I often marvel over the fairies. I'm not entirely sure what is the message behind sending me the photo, but it's gorgeous and I'm sharing with all of you. Scott might be miffed I am displaying his work without his permission, but he can charge me a fine later LOL. The rest of you ... enjoy! BTW, it's Friday so I have nothing of significance to share. Thus, you get my odd, little story.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let the Blood Run!

I am an avid True Blood fan. This year, the show's creator Alan Ball stepped down for season six. I've been so busy I have yet to watch any of the show's trailers. I have no idea how Ball's absence will affect the show and the storytelling. I've always said Ball is a savant storyteller whose attention to details throughout the seasons is unsurpassed. I will find it curious if the storytelling takes a dive or manages to maintain at the level and quality of a Ball series. If any of you do more than just watch TV shows but study them for dialog and storytelling then I'm sure you're aware of Ball's massive gifts. He is also the show creator of Six Feet Under, which is another well-done show that I never missed an episode. Now we are on season six of True Blood, and last year's cliffhanger left us with Bill gone crazy transforming into "Billith" all covered in red blood and goo. Billith made some dinosaur-like shriek and prepared to pursue my favorite characters Eric and Sookie. It will be an interesting season for sure ... so I am in stay-tuned, reserve-judgment mode.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kum & Go ... At Least it's Memorable

When I go on the road I am always sure to see something to make my jaw drop. Here is what I learned as I toured the South: There is a gas station chain named (wait for it) "Kum & Go". Not only did they not spell "Come" correctly, but they spelled more like the infamous erotic word (we all know what that is). Scott D. Roberts, author of Vengeance is Now, also managed to procure a cup with that wonderful name emblazoned on the side. Sometimes you just have to laugh no matter what. Like we're all no supposed to get the reference. Or maybe the business owner just couldn't spell. Either way it provided plenty of snickers in the RV. "Are you drinking your 'kum' juice?" And on it went ... smirks and smiles. Yes, and very juvenile. I admit it. Yet I still have to simply shake my head why anyone would name their establishment "Kum & Go" ... and that's just a big, whopping "I'm just saying." Or maybe it's truly a marketing coup, right? I mean, I won't forget the name anytime soon. Although I don't think I will ever give the mainstream respect of, say, Shell or Quik Stop LOL.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun at the RT Book Lovers Convention

Yours truly surrounded my romance
novel cover boys.
Post conference reflections and lessons ... here we go. First, you never know the "personality" of each conference. I had author Scott D. Roberts with me who was signing his brand new thriller Vengeance is Now. It was his first book conference, and he learned the valuable lesson, too -- each day of a conference is different. From sitting there one day with books selling like buttermilk pancakes at a Pancake Day to boring quiet, that is how it goes. Last year, the final day of conference was flat and boring with a trickle of sales. This year, we could barely keep up with sales we had so many people stopping and buying. We moved almost 150 copies of both Vengeance is Now and my second book in the California Girl Chronicles series, Brea's Big Break. I have done a number of conferences over the years. If you are considering participation in a conference, please keep these principles in mind.

#1 Conference attendance is key -- you want to ensure that if you're paying for booth space or a table, you will be assured of decent attendance. This year's Book Lover's conference attendance was down, but on the last day many people came in for the big-name authors. So, the last day of conference, the attendance numbers increased as did sales. New conferences are always a crap shoot, so you might want to stick with well-known conferences if you're running a tight marketing budget.

#2 Buying mood -- sometimes it doesn't matter how many people show up, they are just not in the buying mood. This can be driven by the time of year, economic mood, and even the weather. I know it's crazy, but realize you have no control over the mood of the attendees. One day of conference, they might buy like crazy and the next day, nothing. It's completely unpredictable. Just be prepared to go with the flow.

#3 People say the rudest things -- grow a thick skin. Some people have no sensor on what pops in their brains and out their mouths. I guess when people don't know you, they just don't care what they say ... mmmm-hmmmm LOL (and that is a private joke and shout for Scott D. Roberts to chuckle over).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RT Book Lover Convention -- Day 1

I hope to post pictures from the road soon. I tried to download at the RV park, but it won't let me! How can this be? Modern technology has once more failed. I know you are all ... shock ... awe! I have done the whole "road show" thing in the past, and the RV Wi-Fi not working (trust me) is not particularly shocking but more like what did you expect? It's an RV park. Today we trek over to the RT Book Lovers Convention in Kansas City to start hawking the wares, so to speak, or more specifically selling Vengeance is Now, California Girl Chronicles (book one and two), and the infamous "Love My Coconuts" T-shirts. If you are in Kansas at the convention, stop by the RT Book Club located in the Atlanta room at the Sheraton Crown Center. We would love to meet you and sign your chosen book. It's going to be a great day! Lots of authors and books lovers to meet and greet. I will, of course, come back with funny stories to keep you entertained.