Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome 3L's New Executive in Charge of "Mew"

Welcome aboard Mr. Bill, 3L's newest
executive in charge of "mewing."
Welcome "Bill" 3L Publishing's newest addition. My feline friend has a cozy, new "desk" complete with litter box and food next to the CEO's workstation. He's my chief advisor on all things kitty. Bill is quite an expert when it comes to detecting chicken is cooking on the stove. In fact, he's so good at it, he yowled his "vote" that I bring that chicken on down! Actually, we got Bill as a stress-reduction tool. Animals are known to reduce stress. Our blood pressure goes down when we pet animals. My constant, reactive brain power was being constantly turned on by any number of stresses in my life. So, my sweetheart and intrepid fiancé kept suggesting we get a kitty to pet and love on. I love kitties. And big bonus: my daughter has wanted a kitty forever. A little note about children. I had a ridiculous suggestion that I essentially "over-analyze" a situation that popped up over my daughter, who is 9. Well, twice now with my kids my solution has always been simple. I asked my daughter outright what was bothering her about the situation. She told me simply and truly -- and voile! I listened and provided a solution. BAM! Problem solved! I just think when it comes to children there is no need to over-analyze situations. Ask, listen and figure out a solution -- and you know what else? That strategy works well in business. Managers and executives are you listening? I know it sounds strange to compare it to managing a child, but I swear it works. If you're having a staff problem, ask him or her what is the exact problem, listen carefully, and then come up with a solution that works for both. Sometimes, yes, life and business are just that easy.

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