Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Morning Musings

What does that mean anyway?
Today's musing has to do with the photographed pin. I heart ... rabbit ears? I'm confused. What does that mean? It comes from, which is a reviewer who picked up both Vengeance is Now and California Girl Chronicles at the RT Book Lovers convention. I don't get it. She loves reading, check! Rabbits ears = reading, how? She loves rabbits? No, it's rabbit ears. I love listening via my rabbit ears? Oh, the conundrum of the morning. Dear friends if you can explain the pin's message to me, I will send you a complementary copy of California Girl Chronicles, Brea's Big Break. Of course, you are free to come up with whatever meaning you think is appropriate. I naturally expect your interpretations to be amusing at the very least. Post your comment and then send me an email at with your shipping address, and I will get you a copy.

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