Friday, May 17, 2013

Brea's Big Break Now Available

Last year my company released California Girl Chronicles: Brea and the City of Plastic. The book received positive reviews, and then my life went to hell and a really bad picnic basket. I had to refocus my attention on my personal life, and our poor flawed heroine found herself adrift in a sea of other frothy, fun summer reads. Now here we are in May -- and hey it's almost summer time. Are you looking for a really great beach read, something completely mindless and described more like mind candy? (As a side note, I always have to laugh when reviewers took this book way too seriously ... it's just meant to be escapist fun.) In the second book (which I think is better than the first), Brea is starting her first professional screenwriting job all the while fielding the attention of male admirers. This story has an underlining message rooted in sexual politics, and it digs into the reality of screenwriting, which isn't quite as glamorous as our heroine expected. As a screenwriter myself I pulled from reality -- you know, been there done that ... didn't enjoy that! It's a bit of Entourage meets Sex in the City. The book is newly released on Amazon in paperback and Kindle (click here to buy). It's also available on Nook and iBook or visit my website and pick up a copy at If you buy off my website, I will sign a copy for you.

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