Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RT Book Lover Convention -- Day 1

I hope to post pictures from the road soon. I tried to download at the RV park, but it won't let me! How can this be? Modern technology has once more failed. I know you are all ... shock ... awe! I have done the whole "road show" thing in the past, and the RV Wi-Fi not working (trust me) is not particularly shocking but more like what did you expect? It's an RV park. Today we trek over to the RT Book Lovers Convention in Kansas City to start hawking the wares, so to speak, or more specifically selling Vengeance is Now, California Girl Chronicles (book one and two), and the infamous "Love My Coconuts" T-shirts. If you are in Kansas at the convention, stop by the RT Book Club located in the Atlanta room at the Sheraton Crown Center. We would love to meet you and sign your chosen book. It's going to be a great day! Lots of authors and books lovers to meet and greet. I will, of course, come back with funny stories to keep you entertained.

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