Friday, May 10, 2013

Fairy in the Machine

"New Mexico Sky" by Scott D. Roberts, author and now
talented photographer! I want to print this photo
for my wall. Gorgeous!! 
My dear friend and fellow author Scott D. Roberts, who recently penned the novel Vengeance is Now, was out on the road for his book tour and sent me this picture of the New Mexico sky (isn't it gorgeous). Can you believe that was taken on an iPhone in HD? Amazing what technology does on a Smart Phone. Well, the ghost in the machine moment ... I was at my desk last night and suddenly this photo gets sent (on its own) from my phone to my email. How utterly bizarre is that? I love this photo! I didn't send if from my iPhone. It parked itself in my email in-box all by itself. I sometimes wonder what the fairies are up to LOL. My good friend and operations manager Bo Bradley and I often marvel over the fairies. I'm not entirely sure what is the message behind sending me the photo, but it's gorgeous and I'm sharing with all of you. Scott might be miffed I am displaying his work without his permission, but he can charge me a fine later LOL. The rest of you ... enjoy! BTW, it's Friday so I have nothing of significance to share. Thus, you get my odd, little story.

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