Monday, May 13, 2013

You Can Never Go Wrong with the Beach ... or Blogging

So, we went to Bodega Bay and spent the afternoon at Wright's Beach. It was a beautiful, clear afternoon (after the fog lifted). I thought I would post this picture and recommend a quick trip and/or escape.

BUT this is a business-related blog not a travel blog LOL, so I also thought I would share three great tips about blogging. I was talking to a business man in Occidental who owned the French restaurant we ate at. He mentioned he blogged, and he has 3,000 readers per month, which is pretty good. I have roughly 2,000 per month myself. It takes a lot of blogging and great content to build up your blog readership. I thought I would share three ways to make your blog a success and build readership.

Tags or Labels Count -- make sure you always tag each blog. The Google and search engine crawlers look for those keywords. Make sure you use tags that would work in the mainstream. For example, if you're talking about your iPhone, make sure you tag it as Apple AND iPhone. The more effective tags you have on your blog, the more readers will be attracted in from the search engines.

Blog Daily -- yes, it's a lot of work (and sometimes a stretch) to blog daily, but fresh posts keep readers coming. Try and keep your juices and imagination flowing by reading daily headlines for ideas or just do what I do: start typing. I am (as my beloved fiancé says) always up in my head anyway.

Education-based Marketing -- try and realize your blog only supports your brand. Do not expect direct, instant results from blogging. People will read your blog and your credibility grows. Your blog is simply a part of your platform, and it keeps your name out there. It attracts via keywords readers, and those same readers will use your blog to research and decide if they want to do business with you. But don't blog with the expectation it will be a gold mine in sales. It will just be a marketing tool.

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