Monday, November 5, 2012

Work-Life Balance

You have to make a conscious decision to balance your life. For years, I have been working round the clock in sacrifice of my personal life. In the beginning launching my company 3L Publishing. Launching a new business can be time consuming. Now six years later, I am past the launch phase, but I still find my business consumes my personal time. But I'm ready to have a personal life again. So, you have to look at the whole picture. I have been seeking work-life balance for years. And with a new man in my life who I am serious about, I want to spend time with him. Yet the work still hangs in the balance, so it's up to me to make some changes to get the balance, well, balanced. Here are three things for all you workaholics out there who struggle with life balance, too.

  • Institute some boundaries, meaning put in definite work hours. It's okay if here and there you have to work overtime; but make a real effort to make that the exception not the rule.
  • If your plate is always full, learn to delegate. Don't take on all of the responsibility of your business. Have that one person you can rely on to say, "I can't handle this right now, and I need to go home or quit work, can you please do it?"
  • Make real, unbreakable plans and stick with them. If you really want something to work, you'll make it work regardless. Some things that you think only you can handle can wait! Seriously, it can wait -- and it will all be okay.

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