Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sneak Peek: 20 Reasons NOT to Date THAT Guy

A funny little peak at the table of contents for the forthcoming 3L Publishing book 20 Reasons NOT to Date THAT Guy.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – The Consummate Liar: “Lie-pards” don’t change their spots
Chapter 2 – Cheater, Cheater You Don’t Want Neither
Chapter 3 – A What?! Commitment Phobia – Run for it!
Chapter 4 – Tap! Tap! Tap! Where the hell is he?
Chapter 5 – Negative Ned and You Don’t Measure Up
Chapter 6 – Your Guts SCREAMS “NO”
Chapter 7 – Your Momma and Your Friends Shake Theirs Heads NO
Chapter 8 – It’s ALL About Him or Hell to the No!
Chapter 9 – What’s a Bar of Soap? He Doesn’t Care About His Health
Chapter 10 – “Wow! Your Best Friend Lisa is so HOT!” … NOT!
Chapter 11 – What Do You Mean Everyone Around Me isn’t My Servant?
Chapter 12 – What? You Need an Orgasm, too?
Chapter 13 – His Dirty, Little Secret – YOU
Chapter 14 – Generally “Goopy” Behavior is His Norm
Chapter 15 – What? You Want Me to Spend Time With … YOU?
Chapter 16 – A Good Fixer Upper – Nope Bad Idea
Chapter 17 – “Are you going to dump me?” Syndrome
Chapter 18 – Hot! Hot! Too Intense to Handle
Chapter 19 – Do as I say Not as I do: When Words and Actions Don’t Align
Chapter 20 – Control Freak “Ain’t” Chic

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