Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why You Need An Editor

Writers show up with their manuscripts in hand and present something that is less than professional and wonder why no publisher will pick it up. Maybe they have a strong concept. Maybe the idea is marketable. Maybe the content is really great; but the publisher can't get past the hundreds of typos, grammar mistakes or unorganized prose to see the real brilliance in the work.

So here are three really good reasons why you need an editor if you're seriously thinking about getting published or if you intend to self-publish.

Grammar Police. The grammar police, as I like to refer to them, are the book reviewers. The grammar police will not consider how great your story is. They won't care about all of those well-developed characters. They won't care about the fantastic storytelling. They will tell the readers, "This book is loaded with mistakes. This book needs an editor and there are 20 mistakes in it."

Driven to Distraction. The readers will not care that you have the best novel on the book shelf. They won't care that your hero is fantastic, flawed and interesting. No, the readers will be so driven to distraction by your dozens of mistakes, they will quit reading. And when they quit reading, your book will not be listed on their favorite reads.

Publishers. You submit your manuscript to a professional publisher. The publisher will notice that perhaps your prose could have have been cut down and less wordy. Your publisher will not be able to get through the quagmire of your disjointed sentences. The publisher will get annoyed by the page loaded with mistakes. The publisher will put your manuscript down and move onto the nice, clean and mistake-free manuscript sitting on his or her desk that is an easy, delightful read.

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