Monday, November 26, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Rambling

Surprise! It's Uncle Ned
and he hates turkey! What ya
gonna do when it's food for
you! LOL
Thanksgiving is always the funny holiday to me. I find the situations that arise very entertaining. I also scratch my head, too. So, here is your post-Thanksgiving amusement. First, have you ever noticed that people will tell you stories about their families -- and there seems to be a running theme that involves some kind of family feud or conflict? A friend of mine was telling me the bitter "Uncle" story, and another friend was telling me how difficult it was to deal with her family. It hit me. No one was talking about gratitude, which is what they should have been focused on. Instead, people were "manning" up to deal with their crazy families. Or someone was telling me how a family member offended someone else. Or someone was offended by a family member. Families are complicated for sure, which is why some people pick their families. I was talking about my best friend one day, and I realized we never pick at or fight with each other. In 32-years of friendship, we've never said a mean or unkind word to each other. I have a new suggestion for the human race: treat your family like I do my best friend -- with kindness, love and respect. How's that for a post-Thanksgiving thought?

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