Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Blogging Boosts Business

In the soon-to-be-released 3L Publishing book 10 Powerful Women 10 Strategic Insights into Successful Business, blogging is discussed as a powerful social marketing tool. A few key points important about blogging and its value for marketing your business. According to the 10 Powerful Women, companies that blog have 55 percent more website visitors and overall 88 percent more leads (in consumer market) and 67 percent more leads in (business sector). The main reason I persuade our marketing clients (yes, 3L Publishing does have exclusively marketing and public relations clients, too) to blog is the ability to drive more traffic to their websites. The search engine optimization (SEO) that arises from keyword labels pushes out to the Internet and pulls in visitors who do Google or Yahoo searches to find your blog articles. You need to ensure you make it easy to drive that traffic to your website by having that information readily available through information about your blog and links back to your website. Blogging also enables you to provide education- or information-based marketing information -- and that means exactly like it sounds. It's not about providing just links to information or a line of information here and there. You want to provide your prospects with fundamental and valuable information related to what your company provides in products or services. What I do with my blog is wrap entertaining information around things like story telling, inspirational ideas, and sometimes articles just for fun (you need to know and understand the "culture" or personality of my company) with hardcore business savvy about marketing, public relations, publishing, general business and more.

Many clients will look at the idea of a blog and conceptually think it's a great idea, but also realize the work involved might be too overwhelming. They also think they won't have enough to write about. I'll tell you when it comes from an information-based campaign, you will always have enough to write about. If you're not a writer, hire a blogger. 3L Publishing writers can be hired to blog for you. In fact, I blog for World Less Traveled several times a week.

If you would like more information on our blog services, please send an email to or call 916-300-8012.

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