Thursday, August 9, 2012


The temperance of waiting
The desire of light
The road keeps on stretching
The longing inside keeps on

Every spirit of loving
holds my hand and sings in my ear
and I keep on listening
but I still want you near

I keep asking where is the devotion?
Why not?
And then the whispering angels say it again
There is no not

Time is an illusion
in process and ethereal peace
and there is no end
even as we speak

I feel peaceful abandon
And then I feel it no more
I feel loving connection
And then I feel your fear

And then the cloud drifts above me
Fluffy and light in the shape of a heart
I close my eyes
I smile

I know temperance is waiting
and wanting some more
yet you are not here
and the angels sing quietly

"Faith is believing something good will happen..."

~ Michelle Gamble-Risley

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