Monday, August 13, 2012

True Blood, Season 5, Episode 9 -- The Most Beautiful Scene

Last night I watched True Blood, and I normally review it the next day. Well, I am going to review it, but I want to focus on the Jessica/Hoyt/Jason scene. I was never more moved by the show than when I watched that scene. This season has brought a lot of heart to the show. Between Pam and Tara bonding and this scene about letting go, I was just caught up. But let's skip right to the Jessica/Hoyt/Jason scene. Poor Hoyt had just lost everything -- his first love and best friend along with a list of miseries in his descent into despair. When he asks Jessica to glamour away his hurt, I completely understood the desire. Wouldn't a lot of us beg to have the pain erased from our memories if we could? It's an understandable request, but on the flip side, isn't it our pain and hurt that makes us who we are? It rounds us out. It deepens us. We are supposed to learn lessons from every painful moment in our lives as well as the happy ones. I always like to say, how can you know the thrill of the roller coaster that is life if you don't know the difference between the rise, level off, and fall. You can't know pure happiness if you don't know sadness and everything else in between. Life would be flat. So, Hoyt's desire to have his hurt glamoured away is like that forbidden wish from the Genie.

The tenderness and heart of this scene is what got my tears flowing. Jessica's objection to her first love not remembering her; her generosity in realizing that he needed it to move on; Jason's plea for Hoyt to stay; and the reconciliation and realization of both offending parties that this was their consequence. The tears were so heartfelt. Jason's tears got me. And when he has his final moment with "Bubba" and dissolves into Sookie's arms, I cried, too. He lost his best friend in every way, shape and form. And whoever wrote this episode, kudos to how it was done ... that is fantastic storytelling at its best. I only hope to write scenes like that some day.

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