Monday, August 20, 2012

True Blood, Season 5, Episode 11

This week's episode finds the citizens of Bontemps all merging together in their story lines toward the Vampire Authority and the imminent Lilith Apocalypse. We have Sam and Luna as two white mice scurrying around the Authority to find Emma. We have Jessica being hauled off to turn Jason (as there is an edict to make as many vampires as possible). We Sookie's realization she's "betrothed" to some vampire spirit. Then we have Russell and Steve Newlin wreaking havoc all over the place and on a mission to find a faery. The convergence of the story lines was rather unexpected but a nice twist on the season that in some ways appeared to have each story locked in bubbles. The entire Authority story seemed to me to drag on much too long, with my favorite vamps all stuck in this government-like, sacred complex. Sticking Eric Northman in one place for too many episodes seemed much too boring to me. I wanted to see him do more this season. He is now finally on the loose with his sister Nora by his side, but I saw in the preview, he's going to be flung back into the Authority (again). Kind'a sick of the Authority set I must say. I think overall it's interesting with the major confrontations ahead, but I have mixed feelings about this season. I felt like Sookie really became more of a side-dish (could be because Anna Paquin is pregnant in real life), and the other stories were just okay. I thought for a season that got off to a strong start, it would be fuller and richer. Well, next week is the finale, so we'll see how it all wraps up.

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