Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turning Points and Transitions

I think I can write the book on turning points and transitions LOL. This year's theme is all about turning points that catalyze transitions. I am fearless (most of the time). I am also one of these people who will go so far and then break. I also simmer, which isn't good. Sometimes all that simmering boils over, and hence, the turning point. Some people never get past the turning point to really make the transition forward. If you can keep moving forward in a positive direction your results and your life are sure to prosper. Of course, karma is big, too. Always try to do all of this with integrity and honesty. Yeah, you'll stumble and fall and yeah you'll make mistakes, but if in your heart you try do everything with the intention to get positive results, you'll be OK. I have cuts and scrapes all over my knees from metaphorically falling, but don't worry, it always heals over. If it leaves a scar rather than feel blemished marvel over it. It's now a part of you and a good reminder to learn whatever lesson you were supposed to learn. So, I hit a major turning point, and then I instigated the transition -- and all of this will give me positive results, because these choices were made in my own best interest. Don't be afraid to confront your life. Don't be afraid to make positive choices in your own best interest. Don't be afraid, period. And you will get the results you want.

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