Monday, October 5, 2015

The Daily Cup: Marketing and PR Tips

The Daily Cup: Issue 5
Q: Can you market without using social media?

A: No, social media is the trend in marketing and communication.

Not Tweeting or using Instagram or Facebook puts you behind the curve. When doing marketing and outreach, you need a fan page or Twitter account. You need to look at demographics and reach. The younger millennials are taking over Twitter while Generation X and the Baby Boomers are generally more involved with Facebook. Many people don't even get their news from mainstream media anymore. They depend on the announcements and news feeds to deliver more specific and personalized updates. Many media contacts expect to be contacted via Facebook. I've even had people direct me to their Facebook accounts to make submissions of press releases.
The real way to look at it -- think of social media as a PART of your marketing mix and not the whole. It's merely one spoke in the wheel, but it has to be a spoke for the whole thing to work. And that's a discussion for the next Daily Cup.

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  1. Now there are all the video based platforms Blab, Periscope, Meerkat, Go Live With is upcoming. Look out YouTube.

    I have also heard that eventually YouTube will require all who upload to a channel pay for their product Red or lose access to being able to have a channel as well as have all their content scraped from the site.

    This makes me heartsick to think about. How rude!