Tuesday, October 27, 2015


3L Publishing, publisher of award-winning fiction and nonfiction, signed its first international Foreign Rights Deal

Sacramento, California—3L Publishing (www.3LPublishing.com) signed its first international Foreign Rights deal. The first deal signed with India-based publisher Manjul Publishing procured the Foreign Rights to the book The Power and Light that is You by Linda Lee. With this first deal signed 3L Publishing officially offers international Foreign Rights deals for all its author to reach out to the world.

The book actually was so good that two India-based publishers bid on it, and Manjul Publishing won the bid. It will thus be available in English and Hindi. The Power and Light that is You is a book designed to guide readers to become more aware in their lives and begin to understand the value and importance of their choices. It teaches readers how to shed old belief systems and mindsets, as well as to recognize that much of what happens in life can be changed by a simple choice, a choice based on how enlightened, powerful and brilliant ways of thinking can change how they are being and living.

3L Publishing President Scott D. Roberts successfully attracted and negotiated with a Foreign Rights agent who made this deal possible. “We expect many of our other titles’ Foreign Rights to be purchased by international publishers in the coming months,” said Roberts. “We’re very excited to see the company’s award-winning books available around the world. The sale of The Power and Light that is You is just the beginning of a powerful collaboration with our agent.”

3L Publishing is a boutique publisher that has numerous best-selling and award-winning books in its catalog. The company is a hybrid publisher that crosses the best of self-publishing with traditional publishing to produce quality books. 3L Publishing also provides traditional publishing for authors who have a qualified following of readers. Next year in 2016, 3L will be introducing Stephen Marinaro, AKA TheSalonGuy, freshman effort, a memoir chronicling his rise to fame and what he learned along the way.

“I am excited that the company I founded in 2006 has gone global,” said Michelle Gamble, CEO of 3L Publishing. “I never imagined we would be anything more than a domestic publisher. I thank Scott D. Roberts for his ambition and vision to spread our messages around the world.”

For more information, log onto 3LPublishing.com, call 916-300-8012, or send an email to info@3LPublishing.com.

3L Publishing is a domestic and global publisher. We offer both traditional and hybrid full-service publishing. We specialize in working with first-time and emerging authors. Our company mission is to strive for excellence in every aspect of publishing, from writing to editing, and from illustrations to graphics.

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