Friday, October 2, 2015

The Daily Cup: Issue 4

The Daily Cup: Issue 4
Q: What is your "boiler plate"?

A: A boiler plate is a brief description of your company, product or service. It is typically about 30 to 50 words in length.
A boiler plate can also be the About section of a brochure, paper, website, one-sheet or any marketing collateral. ​The boiler plate is written to let the audience know what is your company ... your product ... your service ... your program. It should cover "who, what, where, when, and why." In fact, when you write your boiler plate, use that protocol and answer each of those questions one at a time. Build on top of it with each answer. Smooth out your wording. Cut unnecessary words or adjectives, but also keep some excitement, too. If you find you've gone past 50 words, cut some more. Figure out what isn't necessary to say. Your boiler plate can also be used as your "elevator pitch" when you're out networking, too. Every time you send someone information about your company, product or service, your boiler plate should be included right at the end of the promo.

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