Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Daily Cup: How long should a tagline be?

The Daily Cup: Issue 6
Q: How long should a tagline be?
A: No more than 3-4 words
Our tagline for 3L Publishing ( is "Where 'Write' Meets Light". Professionals often think a tagline is supposed to be a full sentence. In fact, a tagline doesn't have to be a sentence. A great tagline is easily remembered and snappy. The goal is to make it memorable and properly associated with your company, product or service. I wouldn't use a tagline like "Light me up" for a publishing company ... maybe "Light is the Word" but that isn't quite right either. Think of your most memorable taglines. "Go for it" for Nike or the recent "All-Day Breakfast" campaign recently launched by McDonalds. The word association for Nike is shoes help you go for it, or in McDonalds case they are famous for their breakfast. ​But notice those tagline are three words. It's not easy to distill a concept down to so few words to communicate your business, product or service. Some people are just clever and can easily do it. But I assure you McDonalds had an entire marketing team assigned this task. If you're not good at "word play" hire a professional marketer who can help you with it. Your tagline will follow you around for years, so make it good and make it right.

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