Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Daily Cup: Issue 3

The Daily Cup: Issue 3
Q: What's the worst mistake people make on their websites?
A: They either forget to include contact information or they put the information somewhere difficult to find.
Many of you might be surprised by that answer. It's true. Businesses and individuals commonly forget to include contact information or a way to contact them. Your contact information should be easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to use. Do not make the mistake of not putting it right on your menu of information. I do not recommend burying it at the bottom of your website either. Many people put a contact link in small font at the bottom of the homepage. Avoid that method. Put it right on the end of the your menu bar items. Always include a phone number and email address. You might also include a submission form. However, do not only provide a submission form. If you have someone's attention you want to capture it. It's only a matter of second before their attention goes elsewhere and they forget to follow through. A submission form can be tedious, and it could take several days before you get back to this person. By the time they have gone through that process, they may already have found someone else or no longer be interested.

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