Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Social Media: Fan Page Vs. Personal Page

When I speak to audiences I often get asked, "Should I have a fan page or a personal page?"

The answer depends on you and what you want to do with the personal page. I do not have a personal page, but rather a professional page with a "personal touch," which means I do include some personal information or reflections.

My rationale is I don't want to maintain two different pages, and I'm not using social media to "socialize". I am using social media to promote our business 3L Publishing (www.3LPublishing.com). I don't have time to maintain a personal page and another business page. Also, most people aren't as interested in professional-only information. They use social media often to get to know the person they are going to do business with.

I suggest if you're going to "mix business with pleasure" you set your own guidelines and rules about it. I like to keep my page "interesting" so I pull a general audience to increase interest and readership for our books. I use my page as a way to express my outside interests in art and nature. I like to paint and do photography, so I illustrate and highlight these areas since they are visual. We live in a visual society.

You want to treat your social media like any good marketing piece and ensure there is good content. You are posting relevant and interesting or even inspirational content. You keep people looking for your content and posts in their news feeds. You reinforce your brand and message. Mix the professional stuff with the personal information.

I do have guidelines related to what I will and will not share. I like to share about my kids, but not too much. I don't post useless personal viewpoints or politics. I'm not promoting social causes so I don't post about those things either. I post about new releases. I post about my travels, food and adventure. I share artwork. I do not tell people where I am going and when I'm going to be there (avoiding stalkers).

So keep it interesting, relevant and current, but don't air your dirty laundry. It will make you look unprofessional.

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